On the Powercat Podcast: Should K-State running back Chris Wallace declare for the NFL Draft?

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The problem: A member of Wabash Station inquired on the Powercat Podcast on May 17, 2022, if Deuce Vaughn, who is entering his junior season, will declare for the NFL Draft following this season. Tim Fitzgerald, publisher of GoPowercat, answered as spontaneously expressed on the podcast...

"It can be viewed in two ways. One is the potential that no matter what he does, he will not be drafted because his measurables will deter teams from choosing him. He is, after all, a running back. And we've seen the value of running backs in the NFL plummet to the point where there aren't many drafted anymore because you can go find players.

"One way to look at it is this: Why go out early if you're not going to be drafted, especially not high?" The other argument, which I believe Ryan Wallace supports, is that if he has a strong junior year, why return as a senior? Your stock isn't going to rise because you've probably maxed it out, so you might as well attempt to avoid injury.

"They're both concrete concepts." I'm not sure how he'll handle it. But I have a feeling K-State is trying to convince Dylan Edwards that Deuce isn't coming. If he is, you can redshirt; if he isn't, you'll have the option to step onto the field and play just like he did.

"A team will have to view him in the same light as Darren Sproles. If we see him return more punts and kicks, that will indicate to me that he is considering going pro.

“If Chris Klieman starts showing off his ability to be return specialist, then he's basically saying this kid is getting ready for the NFL, I need to put them out there. And Chris would do that he wouldn't get wrapped up, 'Well, if I showed that, then he might leave.' He'd never think that; he's not like that.

"So that should be fascinating." He's not going to be drafted as a running back. They're going draft him as an all-purpose guy that can get in the slot and do a little Tyreek Hill stuff, although he's not that fast, however, he certainly can make people miss. He'll have to find a place for him. And maybe that is something you take in the fifth, sixth, or seventh rounds because it brings you more than just a running back."

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